Navy Robots

The Moray Eel Hunter is a drone that seeks out single swimmers closing in stealthily on your coast at 8 kts. Once it finds you it lights up, makes noise, sends signals and swims around you. So how long before it gets armed?

GPS for Nano

This guy has gone all out and has built a hardware GPS reciever which you can plug into your Ipod Nano. He’s then built the software for it to display coordinates and signal strength etc on the screen.

Sharks in your nightclub

Of course, the ignoramusses at PETA – who kill animals to make you pay them – are against this (and very special care indeed is being taken with the sharks) but I think it’s a totally awesome idea: Sharks under you as you dance.

MI6 gets into the secret losing business

True to the Labour Governments’ form, yet ANOTHER serious data breach has been executed by government agencies. What’s surprising this time, is that it was done by a trained MI6 operative, who lost all the details about covert anti-drug operations in Columbia! Yes, that would be contact names, agent names and adresses and other details, Read more about MI6 gets into the secret losing business[…]