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If Dr. Seuss wrote for Star Trek

Having actually grown up with a great deal of exposure to Dr Seuss, I can appreciate the odd green eggs and ham pun here and there, but material like this, makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

Pure Pwnage

Pure pwnage liek 0wnz n00bz liek totally! An excellent ‘reality TV documentary’ style series about the life of the pro gamer, 0wning n00bz on internet for free download. First rate, very funny, original and well worth watching… BOOM! HEADSHOT! I’m gonna so own you with my micro!

Global Issues that affect everyone

Global warming? Global dimming? Arms control? Corporate power? Manipulative media? This site covers it all..

Climate warning as Siberia melts

THE world’s largest frozen peat bog is melting. An area stretching for a million square kilometres across the permafrost of western Siberia is turning into a mass of shallow lakes as the ground melts, according to Russian researchers just back from the region. The sudden melting of a bog the size of France and Germany […]

World Processor

Numbers and statistics mapped to the Blue Marble.

Plan 9 from outer space

Yup – you can now download Ed Wood’s infamous classic, the worst movie ever made, in its entirety for free!

News should be News

Not the crap people are throwing around these days. So what do you do? You Protest! How? Well, by getting a team of actors, newspeople, etc together and coordinating actions in front of live, rollling news of course. The cheese ninja, tigers, evangelists and more bravely disrupt the news where reporters report bullshit…

Public Service Announcement

This one’s done by Rachel Stevens. You know, I think they’re on to something here. Instead of the usual PSAs where we get bombarded with statistics by pompous ugly people, they should just have hot chicks in their underwear telling us to exercise more, eat greens, recycle and generally make the world a Better […]

Humongous cojones

Alain Robert aka ze French Spiderman. This guy makes a sport out of free climbing the worlds largest buildings. Seriously. Check out the Photo gallery


El reg has a good article on birdflu. Why haven’t my local media outlets reported on events such as [Feb 2005] report of probable person to person transmission of bird flu in Vietnam? I find that to be a little more interesting that, say, the latest creepy news from the Michael Jackson Trial. P2P transmission […]

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