FLIP capsising ship

Direct from The Life Aquatic, two of our heroes have gone and built this ship, which capsises in order to be stable in the water to do research where stability is needed. They actually put serious money in this!

Saving the Earth through fuel efficiency and emission cutdown

With a $7.5m budget this guy has invented a car ‘plug in’ which drops your emissions by up to 100% and your fuel efficiency by 10%. Should be on the market in about a years time. Basically, the H2N-Gen contains a small reservoir of distilled water and other chemicals such as potassium hydroxide. A current Read more about Saving the Earth through fuel efficiency and emission cutdown[…]

Anti cancer nanoparticle bombs

Yeah, just like the incredible journey! Little balloons that travel through the system, find cancerous cells and explode there releasing chemotherapy chemicals… The dual-chamber, double-acting, drug-packing “nanocell” proved effective and safe, with prolonged survival, against two distinct forms of cancers-melanoma and Lewis lung cancer-in mice.

Speeding cameras cause Fatalities?

Yup, in one of those wonderful studies I like, it turns out that: Crashes are avoided by making a safe plan based on what you see. Cameras move attention away from hazards to speedometers So the UK has stopped deploying them whilst it ponders this… – From El Reg

125 unanswered questions

Science magazine celebrates its 125th anniversary with a list of 125 questions science hasn’t got an answer for. I’ve always been a bit curious about no 1 myself.. ooh, and that one, and that one, ooh! ooh! and that one! 25 Questions .. further 100

Science Fiction Science

The Liverpudlians have done it! Created by The University of Liverpool Library with the support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the SF Hub aims to facilitate research into science fiction and its related literary genres. Loads of sci-fi stuff