Insteon is down and may not be coming back – yay cloud, your hardware is now a paperweight

Is your Insteon smart home system down? I’m getting reports from dozens of Insteon users that as of Friday their smart home hubs have stopped working. So far, none of them have heard from the company, and Insteon’s Twitter account hasn’t been updated since June 2021. I reached out to Rob Lilleness, the president and chairman of Smartlabs, the company that owns Insteon and have not yet heard back.

However, Lilleness no longer lists Smartlabs/Smarthome/Insteon anywhere on his LinkedIn profile and other members of the Insteon management team have also appeared to decamp Smartlabs based on their LinkedIn profiles. Mike Nunes, the former CIO at Smartlabs lists his role at Insteon/Smartlabs ending in April 2022. Dan Cregg, the chief research officer lists his role at Smartlabs as ending in 2022. Matt Kowalec the president and COO lists his role at Smartlabs as ending in 2020;  and Tom Carter, the CIO doesn’t list his role in the company at all.

Image courtesy of Insteon.

Smartlabs is a combination of smart home brands that include Insteon and  Nokia Smart Lighting, which Smartlabs purchased last year. It also owns the web site where consumers can buy Insteon gear. An email to Smartlabs’ corporate office in Irvine, Calif. has not been returned and a call to the listen phone number returns a message saying Verizon could not complete the call and asking me to check the number before trying again. Multiple tries return the same message each time.


With the current outage, Insteon’s app doesn’t work which means users will be hard pressed to change their device settings and add new gear. I’m hopeful to see if the folks over at Home Assistant or Hubitat can perhaps help stranded Insteon users transfer over to their platforms. It might be possible.

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