Outlook, Teams, Calendar down for >5 hours

[…] According to outage tracker DownDetector, reports began coming in of users facing a 500 error and being unable to send, receive or search email through Outlook.com from about 4am UTC, peaking at 8 and 9am as Europeans reached their desks.

Microsoft confirmed the outage on its service health website, saying: “We’re applying targeted mitigations to a subset of affected infrastructure and validating that it has mitigated impact. We’re also making traffic optimization efforts to alleviate user impact and expedite recovery.”

It added that extra “Outlook.com functionality such as Calendar APIs consumed by other services such as Microsoft Teams are also affected.”

At the time of writing, the blackout appears to be ongoing. As for what caused it, the Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account said: “We’ve confirmed that a recent change is contributing to the cause of impact. We’re working on potential solutions to restore availability of the service.”

In plain English, Microsoft tweaked something and the house of cards came tumbling down, so they’ll probably have to revert the change. It offered the reference number EX512238 to track in the admin center and otherwise directed users to watch the service health page for any updates.


Source: Take the morning off because Outlook has already • The Register

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