Tesla drivers locked out of their cars by server error

Some Tesla drivers who fancied going for a spin on Saturday were unable to do so after an update to the cars’ companion app produced server errors.

Teslas don’t use conventional keys. Instead they require the presence of a fob, key card, or authenticated mobile phone app that links to the electric vehicles over Bluetooth. This is apparently easier and/or more convenient than a key, or something. Heck, everything’s better with Bluetooth, right?

Drivers that use the app to start their cars reported it couldn’t do the job and instead produced an error message.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk personally replied to the above tweet, with the following information:

Measures like, maybe, letting people open their cars with keys? Just a suggestion.

Tesla appears not to have made any other public statement about the incident. The company put its support forums behind a regwall earlier in 2021 and owning a MuskMobile is a requirement for entry. Your correspondent is therefore unable to explore any official missives. Tesla’s Twitter account is silent on the matter and the electric car biz doesn’t bother with Facebook. The exact nature of the outage is therefore hard to divine.


Source: Tesla drivers locked out of their cars by server error • The Register

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