Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Endure Outages

Did someone actually break the internet? It sorta seems like it. Users of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, some of the web’s biggest platforms, reported experiencing major issues on Wednesday, with many losing access to basic features and functions.

Reports first poured in concerning Twitter, where users reported being met with a message telling them they’d reached their “Tweet limit” for the day. Twitter actually does have a tweet limit (it’s 2,400 tweets per day), which the platform says it uses to alleviate strain on its backend. However, most people don’t tweet that much, and many of the people who reported receiving the message said they hadn’t even tweeted yet that day.


Weirdly enough, an almost identical affliction seemed to descend upon Facebook and Instagram Wednesday, with users reporting that they were unable to post new Insta stories or reach Facebook Messenger. Downdetector, which tracks individual complaints for web platforms, showed a spike in incident reports for both platforms around 4:30 p.m. EST, around the same time that Twitter also began having trouble.

To top it all off, some YouTube users reported being unable to reach the platform’s homepage Wednesday.



Source: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Endure Outages

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