Netherlands starts it’s own China-esque firewall

The freedoms we rapidly lose 🙁

The Netherlands now has it’s own blacklist of websites that it forces on providers to block. The list is confidential, the methods of enforcing the block are confidential, and just like ACTA – they’re trying to put it through without releasing any details, promising transparency ‘later’.

The problem is this: if we allow any government to decide what it is what we can and can’t read, we’re on the slippery slope of censorship. Now it’s paedophelia (the example they trot out worryingly often when they limit your freedoms), next it’ll be weapon making, then it’ll be anything containing a contrary political ideology. Our freedom of expression is a very serious thing indeed to take away from someone, especially if you’re being secretive about what exactly it is that you’re taking away and how you’re doing it, but sticking a generalistic post-it explanations ‘child porn’ [that should be good enough for anybody, right?] over it is completely unacceptable.

Openheid over kinderpornofilter, achteraf | Webwereld.

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