U.S. Appeals court determines it’s OK to take an employers’ source code

Have they gone nuts? They say that as code isn’t something physical, it can’t have been stolen. So it’s OK to take as much sources from a previous employer and do whatever you want with it.

“He argues that: [1] the source code was not1a “stolen” “good” within the meaning of the National Stolen2Property Act, and [2] the source code was not “related” to a3product “produced for or placed in interstate or foreign4commerce” within the meaning of the Economic Espionage Act.5The judgment of the district court is reversed. Judge6Calabresi concurs in the opinion and has filed an additional7concurring opinion.”

But taking a photograph of a classified document does constitute espionage? Or is that also OK now?

U.S. vs. Sergey Aleynikov, former Goldman Sachs programmer.

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