Leap Motion brings out TouchFree software – Add Touchless Gesture Control

Touchless, hygienic interaction

TouchFree is a software application that runs on an interactive kiosk or advertising totem. It detects a user’s hand in mid-air and converts it to an on-screen cursor.


Easy to integrate, deploy, and use

• Runs invisibly on top of existing user interfaces

• Add touchless interaction without writing a single line of code

• Familiar touchscreen-style interactions


How users interact

• A user’s hand is detected, and shown as a cursor displayed on the screen

• Users can select items without touching the screen using a simple “air push” motion, similar to tapping a screen but in mid-air.

• To drag or scroll, “air push”, then move

Download TouchFree app

Minimum system requirements

Source: TouchFree | Add Touchless Gesture Control — Leap Motion Developer

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