Witid concept monitor rethinks the dual screen

Having more than one monitor is undoubtedly cool, but, if you play video games or watch movies, then you know that the gap between displays — formed by the casing that borders each monitor — can really take you out of what you’re watching, as there’s an inch or two of nothing between the pictures.

Thought up by design firm Witid out of Beijing, China, this monitor eliminates that unsightly gap between two displays by extending the screens all the way to the edges. “But DVICE,” you cry, “isn’t that just a widescreen?” Why yes, but an extra wide one. Also, the second half of the monitor can be swung around the back of the unit, so two people on opposite sides of the display can view images from one computer — kind of like a cubicle buddy system.

The monitor is still just a concept at this time, and may stay that way if it tries to use traditional LCD technology, which might have some shielding issues without a proper enclosure.

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