Apple Lets Developers in the Netherlands Offer Payment Options, escape from the 30% squeeze

Apple will grudgingly allow dating app developers in the Netherlands to use alternative payment methods in the App Store, but it doesn’t like it, and the score hasn’t been settled yet.

In an update on its developers’ blog on Friday, Apple said dating app developers will have two new optional “entitlements” in the App Store, which sounds strangely medieval, but OK. Besides using Apple’s in-app payment system—which nearly all developers worldwide are obligated to use, with some exceptions—they will also be able to include an in-app link directing users to their website to make a purchase or use a third-party payment system in the app.

According to Apple, developers can choose only one of the two entitlements and have to request it from Apple. For those who want to continue using Apple’s in-app payment system, where the company takes between a 15% and 30% cut of every purchase, no action is needed.


Source: Apple Lets Developers in the Netherlands Offer Payment Options

Yes, a small country can make a big difference!

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