Chinese tickers scam ($HKD and more!) for collateral already down 92%: from $.5 Trillion to $43B

✅ chinese tickers scam for collateral already down 92%: from $.5 Trillion to $43B ✔ (something big is coming) ✅ from Superstonk

This is a follow up to the big chinese ticker scam, which became the highest by-market-crap-on-the-books crime in human history, as well as another recent ticker scam.

Firstly, good job for staying away from these. MSM did try hard to call them ‘mEmE StOcKs’. MSM tried even harder to push innocent investors like you and me into them. These pieces of illicit trash were, and still are, uninvestable. Remain clear of these pump and dumps, they’re junk. They are not meme stocks; they’ll never be.

Let’s take a look at where things are today:

Ticker Book Value a week ago (in Billions of USD) Book Value today (in Billions of USD)
HKD 477.00 39.23
AMTD 16.70 2.81
QRTEB 4.60 1.36
LTRPB 0.40 0.15
MEGL 4.91 0.25
Total: 504 43

Let’s remember that this criminal balloon was developed beginning July 15th during the GameStop split/dividend process that was defrauded by DTCC into a split. Also remember that Loop Capital, a GameStop short seller who is a stones throw away from Citadel in Chicago, underwrote the major one above.

These tickers, just last week, were able to be used as half a Trillion USD in collateral [for margin requirements] on the books. Now down 92% overnight to $43B, which is less than the margin alert received by Susquehanna.


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