CNBC, others tell you redditors want to pump SLV, others. They don’t. SLV is owned by Citadel, the people redditors hate. It’s only about GME, AMC, BB.

Below is from the CNBC website. SLV spiked yesterday and some people will have you believe it’s the Gamestop buying and holding redditors from wallstreetbets that are pushing it. They are not. SLV is being pushed up by Capital Investments, the people the redditors are trying to destroy.

Below is a list of stories from CNBC – explicitly saying that redditors are going after this.

It doesn’t take much in the way of research to find out that this is nonsense:

Just search the wallstreetbets subreddit, which is where the GME holders are concentrated

You will see loads of bots with almost no posts mentioning to buy SLV, NOC and others with people deriding them. But the main theme is absolutely to stay away from them and to hold GME, BB and AMC

For a good list of people running the redditors pursuing SLV misinformation (and thus in the pockets of the hedge funds), check out this reddit thread

Diamondhands GME! Hold that stonk!

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