Eterbase cryptocurrency exchange hacked and $5.4 million stolen

Cryptocurrency exchange Eterbase last week admitted hackers broke into its computers and made off with other people’s coins, said to be worth $5.4m.

The plug was pulled on the digital dosh exchange as a result, though it may return at some point: it claims to have enough capital to surmount the cyber-heist. Investigations by staff and law enforcement are ongoing.

“We want to inform our users that we have enough capital to meet all our obligations,” the site’s operators said in a statement.

“We want to reassure everyone that this event won’t stop our journey. After the security audit of renowned global companies, our operations will continue. We will announce the date of the reopening of the ETERBASE Exchange platform as soon as possible.”

Source: Another month, another cryptocurrency exchange hacked and ‘millions of dollars’ stolen by miscreants • The Register

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