George Lucas, Star Wars creator, tries to block ‘lightsaber’

Star Wars creator George Lucas is trying to stop a company from making a high-powered laser that bloggers around the world have dubbed “a real-life lightsaber”.

The laser is cool, but isn’t called a lightsaber by the producer. It’s bloggers that made teh comparison.

This goes to show how outdated copyright law is: the original star wars movies stem from the 70s and Lucas is still scraping the bottom of that barrel… let him work like the rest of us and come up with something new!

A lot of people are blaming Lucas and calling him a douchebag, but to be fair, it’s the law that’s allowing him to do this, so even though he’s stretching things, he may be within his rights. The system needs to change to make it clear that this kind of thing is ridiculous.

via George Lucas, Star Wars creator, tries to block ‘lightsaber’.

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