German power plant swarm

The Germans want to create a swarm power plant by putting gas fired fridge sized units in people’s basements. They should release less CO2 than other power methods and they want to roll out 100,000 in the coming year, which will create the same amount of power as 2 nuclear plants. They’re calling it SchwarmStrom and sounds like a grand plan to me!

Lichtblick wants to charge people to set up their own powerplant, and then controlls them. So people are payed a modest rent to have the powerplant in their houses. Now I think I’d rather have my own powerplant and plug it into the Lichtblick network. Then they can pay me for any extra power I generate, don’t use and give them, which they can then in turn resell to people who don’t have their own powerplant.

Home power plants project unveiled in Germany | Grist.

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