GM launches OnStar Insurance Services – uses your driving data to calculate insurance rate

Andrew Rose, president of OnStar Insurance Services commented: “OnStar Insurance will promote safety, security and peace of mind. We aim to be an industry leader, offering insurance in an innovative way.

“GM customers who have subscribed to OnStar and connected services will be eligible to receive discounts, while also receiving fully-integrated services from OnStar Insurance Services.”

The service has been developed to improve the experience for policyholders who have an OnStar Safety & Security plan, as Automatic Crash Response has been designed to notify an OnStar Emergency-certified Advisor who can send for help.

The service is currently working with its insurance carrier partners to remove biased insurance plans by focusing on factors within the customer’s control, which includes individual vehicle usage and rewarding smart driving habits that benefit road safety.

OnStar Insurance Services plans to provide customers with personalised vehicle care and promote safer driving habits, along with a data-backed analysis of driving behaviour.

Source: General Motors launches OnStar Insurance Services – Reinsurance News

What it doesn’t say is whether it could raise insurances or deny them entirely, how transparent the reward system will be or what else they will be doing with your data.

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