Italian regulator fines Amazon $1.28 billion for abusing its market dominance

Italy’s antitrust authority (AGCM) has fined Amazon €1.13 billion ($1.28 billion) for “abuse of dominant position,” the second penalty it has imposed on Amazon over the last month. Amazon holds a position of “absolute dominance” in the Italian brokerage services market, “which has allowed it to promote its own logistics service, called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA),” the authority wrote in a (Google translated) press release.

According to the AGCM, companies must use Amazon’s FBA service if they want access to key benefits like the Prime label, which in turn allows them to participate in Black Friday sales and other key events. “Amazon has thus prevented third-party sellers from associating the Prime label with offers not managed with FBA,” it said.

The authority said access to those functions are “crucial” for seller success. It also noted that third-party sellers using FBA are not subject to the same stringent performance requirements as non-FBA sellers. As such, they’re less likely to be suspended from the platform if they fail to meet certain goals. Finally, it noted that sellers using Amazon’s logistics services are discouraged from offering their products on other online platforms, at least to the same extent they do on Amazon.


Source: Italian regulator fines Amazon $1.28 billion for abusing its market dominance | Engadget

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