r/wallstreetbets: hostile takeover by old mods trying to monetise and push down GME price. Go to r/wallstreetbetstest and r/wallstreetbetsnew now

Update: I just got removed as a moderator on r/wallstreetbets – jamsi from wallstreetbetstest

I was confused, annoyed and sad trying to understand what had happened. I was removed by the senior moderator at r/wallstreetbets who is u/turdled . I messaged him asking for an explanation, but have still not been given one. It was at this same time that several other moderators were removed and getting banned left and right. I had some of my posts removed as well.

I was also starting to receive chat requests and messages from people seeing u/zjz‘s post and asking what was going on, and accusing me of being a rogue/plant mod.

I’ve been looking around the accounts of the mods of the new subreddit and these are indeed the old mods.

Find the new site that is not infested by people trying to short GME here:  https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbetstest

Also here https://www.reddit.com/r/Wallstreetbetsnew/

NB r/wallstreetbetsnew seems to be the Gamestonk holdout with the memes. r/wallstreetbetstest is where the “real” wsb crowds who aren’t solely obsessed with GME are hanging around.

More info: WallStreetBets Mods Are Now Battling For Control Over The Subreddit

If you want to know about the dark history and why the founder was kicked out, read here

tl;dr on tl;dr: Founder bad, greedy, got banned for being greedy. Being greedy again with new spotlight on the sub.

tl;dr, in 2020 the original founder (after being gone for years and did nothing to contribute to the sub), along with a couple of mods, attempted to monetize the sub for personal gains. Users and other mods fought back. Hundreds of users got mass banned for speaking out, mods who spoke out got removed as mods. With some help from users, mods found precedent of another sub creator getting banned for trying to monetize a sub and sent plea to Reddit admins. Reddit admins banned offenders and gave sub back to the good mods.

u/SpeaksInBooleans (RIP) investigated the circumstance of the events and made video exposing the offenders:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Mega thread after the victory for reference.

It’s important to know/remember this now, because the same person that got exiled for being a tyrant is doing a media circus, trying to ride the current spotlight for personal gain, again. Hey CNN and WSJ, stop interviewing that dipshit. The sub has always been about its people, and what you guys wanted to do (as retarded as you are). No single person speaks for the sub and controls its destiny. It is in good hands with u/zjz aka u/SwineFluPandemic

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