Russia fines Google $374M over Ukraine invasion portrayal

A Russian court fined Google $374 million on Monday for its failure to remove prohibited content, according to the country’s internet watchdog Roskomnadzor.

The Tagansky District Court of Moscow took exception to YouTube content it claimed contained “fakes about the course of a special military operation in Ukraine” and discredited Russia’s armed forces. The court also claimed some material promoted extremism and/or terrorism. Google also stands convicted an “indifferent attitude to the life and health of minors” that the court feels are worthy of protest by Russian citizens.

The court also alleged Google systemically violated Russian law.

As punishment, Google users will receive warnings of the company’s alleged misdeeds, and won’t be permitted to buy ads tied to Google Search results or on YouTube.


Source: Russia fines Google $374M over Ukraine invasion portrayal • The Register

Wouldn’t it be nice if they fined Putin for making the video’s a possibility

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