Spotify blasts Apple One service as ‘anti-competitive’, wants regulators to act

In a statement, the streaming service argued Apple One will “deprive consumers by favoring its own services” and urged regulators to take action against what it perceives to be “anti-competitive behavior”.

Announced yesterday at Cupertino’s Time Flies launch event, Apple One bundles the firm’s various subscription services into a single monthly payment. The product is organised into several tiers, with the base Individual subscription retailing at £14.95 ($14.95), and including Apple Music, TV+, Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage. For £5 or $5 more, you can share that subscription with up to five people.

There’s also a Premier package, which costs £29.95 ($29.95) per month. In addition to the aforementioned services, this bundles Apple’s new Fitness+ product as well as News+.

In comparison, combining Netflix’s standard plan, which supports HD streaming, as well as Spotify Premium, costs roughly £20. Adding Google Play Pass and 100GB of Google One storage brings that total to £27.

This is not the first time Spotify has called upon the anvil of regulation against Apple. In June, the European Commission commenced investigations against the Apple, following complaints from Spotify about Apple’s in-app payment policies, which it alleged are designed to give an unfair advantage to its own products, like Apple Music.

The previous year, Spotify began a PR blitz called “Time to Play Fair“, again centred on the App Store payment rules and Apple’s 30 per cent cut, which it claims are driving up costs for its customers.

Source: Sounds like Spotify and Epic have been chatting: Music streamer blasts Apple One service as ‘anti-competitive’ • The Register

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