UK Gov launches study into Online platforms and digital advertising market and possible monopolies antitrust

3 July 2019: The CMA has launched a market study into online platforms and the digital advertising market in the UK. We are assessing three broad potential sources of harm to consumers in connection with the market for digital advertising:

  • to what extent online platforms have market power in user-facing markets, and what impact this has on consumers
  • whether consumers are able and willing to control how data about them is used and collected by online platforms
  • whether competition in the digital advertising market may be distorted by any market power held by platforms

We are inviting comments by 30 July 2019 on the issues raised in the statement of scope, including from interested parties such as online platforms, advertisers, publishers, intermediaries within the ad tech stack, representative professional bodies, government and consumer groups.

Source: Online platforms and digital advertising market study – GOV.UK

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