United Airlines and Orbitz resort to suing Skiplagged.com which is better and takes advantage of airlines’ stupid fee structure

Skiplagged.com found out that you can buy a cheaper ticket from A – B if you buy a ticket to C where B is a stop on the way (A – B – C) and then just get off at B.

For example, a customer buying a ticket from New York to Los Angeles, where competition is high, could get a lower rate than a flight to Chicago, but could simply get off the plane during a stop in Chicago and avoid a higher fare.

United and Orbitz are going all ballistic on Aktarer Zaman’s (Skiplagged.com) arse because of not liking a) their own stupidity exposed and b) not liking competition.

Airline, travel site sue over 'hacked' airfares.

Skiplagged is taking contributions to his legal defence, he probably needs it.

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