New York – Sept. 26, 2018 – NantEnergy today announced a breakthrough in its six-year mission to develop the world’s first scalable air breathing, zinc rechargeable battery system at a manufacturing cost below $100 kWh and to operate this intelligent digitally controlled system on a global scale. This green rechargeable battery, an air-breathing cell, uses just zinc and air, integrated with digitally controlled intelligence. The energy system is monitored in real time in the cloud and has been successfully deployed in nine countries with more than 3,000 systems supporting 110 villages and 1,000 installations across cell tower sites. Over 100 patents cover this breakthrough technology.


During the One Planet Summit in New York, Soon-Shiong noted that these green, air-breathing batteries avoids lithium and cobalt, replaces diesel and lead-acid batteries, and presents no risk of fire or environmental contamination.

“We have made the safest, de-risked, globally-deployed system in the world with a six-year history of over 1,000,000 cycles to date,” said Chuck Ensign, Chief Executive Officer of NantEnergy. “It’s remarkable because this eliminates the need for lead, lithium and cobalt, which are scarce and dangerous materials.”

Source: NantEnergy Announces Largest Global Deployment of Novel Air Breathing Zinc Rechargeable Battery System and Breakthrough in Cost Barrier – NantEnergy