With the “Forever Battery,” Ossia’s Cota AA system Promises True Wireless Charging

The Forever Battery comes in a AA form factor, and houses electronics (including an antenna) within its shell. Ossia’s Cota system uses a transmitter that beams electricity along direct paths through the air to the antenna in the battery, charging it from distances of up to 30 feet, with nary a wire to be seen between them.

“Think of Wi-Fi,” Obeidat said. “Just like you have a Wi-Fi router in the home, you have a Cota transmitter. You have many low-power devices, one of them could be the AA battery … inside of it has electronics that communicate and receive power from that transmitter.” The Cota system beams the power only through unoccupied space; if a person were to move in the way, Cota would angle the beam to avoid them.

Obeidat went on to explain that users could have the battery in a variety of devices, such as smoke detectors or remote controls, receiving power without hassle. He also emphasized that the AA form factor of the Forever Battery is just the start. Ossia believes it can scale the technology down to work in smartphone batteries. To this end, the company hopes to partner with large smartphone manufacturers to integrate Cota into their smartphone batteries.

Source: With the “Forever Battery,” Ossia Promises True Wireless Charging | Digital Trends

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