Axis VIDIUS ™ – The World’s Smallest FPV Drone at $95

The all-new Axis VIDIUS Drone is the World’s Smallest First Person View Drone™, capable of flying up to 100 feet away, performing 360 degree flips and rolls all while streaming and recording live video! You can control the VIDIUS from your Android or Apple device or the included 2.4 gHz controller. The live video feed is transmitted to your device through a wifi connection and can be recorded and shared right from the free VIDIUS Drone App to social media, blogs, messaging, email and more!


World’s Smallest FPV Drone™ – 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.5cm
Live First Person View Video Camera Puts You in The Pilots Seat!
Control Flight with Included 2.4 gHz Controller, Smartphone or Tablet
Stream and Record Live Video & Still Images in 420p During Flight!
5-7 Minute Flight Time per 20 Minute Charge via USB Cable; 150 mAh Battery
3-Speeds Pre-programmed for Desired Level of Flight Sensitivity
6-Axis Gyro Stabilization Keeps Drone Stable and Centered
360 Degree Rotational Yaw Allows Users to Seamlessly Adjust Orientation
Pre-Programmed “Trick Mode” Algorithm Provides Amazing Flips and Rolls!
Bright LED Colored Lights for Night Flight and Drone Orientation
Super small and lightweight, NO FAA Registration Required!

Source: Axis VIDIUS ™ – The World’s Smallest FPV Drone™

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