Googles Enshittification hits Fitbit: You Won’t Be Able to Access Your Fitbit Web Dashboard Any More

Today is the last day you can interact with your Fitbit health data on a big screen. Last month, Fitbit announced in a blog post that consumers will no longer have access to the tracker’s web dashboard after July 8, 2024.

Fitbit describes the move as “consolidating the dashboard into the Fitbit app.” However, the statement assumes that all of the dashboard’s functionality is on the app, and the device consumers use to log and analyze their data doesn’t matter to them, which isn’t entirely true.

In the statement Fitbit released, it attributed the decision to its parent company. “Combined with Google’s decades of being the best at making sense of data, it’s our mission to be one combined Fitbit and Google team,”


Rightfully so, consumers are not happy, and quite a few have announced their decisions to switch to a fitness-tracking alternative. Apparently, the ability to create custom meals was an option specific to the web dashboard and not available on the phone app.

Pace Charts is another feature consumers don’t see on their Fitbit mobile apps despite being promised everything the web version offers. Some users commented that they prefer the web portal for entering data, while others lamented losing a big picture overview of their stats.


Source: You Won’t Be Able to Access Your Fitbit Web Dashboard After Today

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