In Car Head up Displays

Life has changed since 2007 and 2012 so it’s time for a rundown of modern systems!

For around $400,- you get Navdy, which takes some time to set up but offers the best solution for sale at the moment. It has map navigation, notifications, direct sunlight, hand gestures and control button on the steering wheel. You can answer calls, set up your music, etc. It’s well thought out and works best with you smartphone connected. It’s clearly visible in sunlight. It has it’s own screen through which you look.


amazon product page

Garmin has one which is way more basic, but also way cheaper at $150,-. It works with Garmin Streetpilot or Navigon apps for navigation. Also clearly visible in sunlight and has a reflector lens or can project onto a sticker on your windshield.

Garmin site + buy it

For around EUR 45,- you can buy an A8 system. It’s a bit more limited in it’s display (no navigation) and projects onto your windshield, which means you need to place a sticker in order to see it properly in daylight. For the price though, you can’t complain!



The we have the category: put your smartphone in it and project onto our little screen. Hudway Glass is an example of this. At $50,- they are clearly overpriced (and you can buy them cheaper om Amazon!) and you also need HUD software for it (if you have an iphone look at Atoll Ordenadores with ASmartHud+ and many others).

Hudway Glass

There are two promising pre-orders out there:

Exploride can be pre-ordered for $300 and will be produced for $500. This is a complete unit with its’ own screen and connects to you smartphone for lots of functionality

Carloudy which is an e-ink wireless HUD that connects to your smartphone. It has a voice command interface. It looks like it reflects onto a windshield sticker You can sign into the public beta in the US now for $260,-

Finally the Continental HUD as used in Mercedes, Audi and BMW. The information is very basic but the visibility is great from all angles.

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