Pebble smartwatches gain Pixel 7 support in ‘one last update’ – they’re only 10 years old, hardware still works fine, but being dumped

It’s been nearly a decade since the Pebble smartwatch started shipping to backers of its wildly successful initial Kickstarter campaign, but there’s still life in the ol’ dog yet. The wearables are now compatible with Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, as well as 64-bit-only Android devices that will arrive later.

As noted by Ars Technica, Katharine Berry, who works on Wear OS and is a prominent member of the Rebble group that’s keeping the Pebble ecosystem alive, wrote that the latest Pebble update comes four years after the previous one. The last update allowed for many of the Pebble app’s functions to run on independent servers. Fitbit, which Google has since bought, shut down Pebble’s servers in 2018, two years after buying some of the smartwatch maker’s assets.

Along with Pixel 7 compatibility, the latest update also improves Caller ID reliability on recent versions of Android. While the app isn’t available on the Google Play Store, the APK is signed with official Pebble keys and retains Google Fit integration, Berry noted.


Source: Decade-old Pebble smartwatches gain Pixel 7 support in ‘one last update’ | Engadget

It’s amazing how amazed the writer of this article is that there are still updates for 10 year old hardware. Shouldn’t it be the norm that hardware is supported for as long as it works – and that should be in the 30/40 year range instead of the 2/3 year range?

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