Philips Hue Bridge updates actually kills your old Bridge

Wow, I really really hate that this is a possibility. You spent money on hardware – not some monthly subscription service – where it’s really nice that they add more than just security updates but then: BANG! They kill the hardware, rendering it little more than scrappable junk. Suddenly, it won’t do any of the things it did only yesterday.

From the Bridge Release Notes:

June 22, 2020

Firmware 01043155 (Bridge V1)

With this update, the Hue Bridge v1 will not be supported any longer and continue to work only locally (without internet). This means the following: :

  • The Hue Bridge v1 will no longer receive updates, new features, or security patches.  
  • Away-from-home control and Home & Away will no longer be supported. 
  • Cloud-based voice control will no longer be supported. 
  • Login functionality for your Hue account — which gives you remote access to your lights — will be disabled. 
  • Third-party and partner functionalities, such as Google Voice and IFTTT, that are controlled via the cloud are no longer supported.

This is sick behaviour. If you’re buying into a cloud product, you can expect it if the company goes titsup, but not if this is an offline, local device.

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