Reggaeton Be Gone – use a Raspberry Pi to jam bluetooth speakers when reggaeton music comes on


Consider this scenario: Your wall-to-wall neighbor loves to blast Reggaeton music at full volume through a Bluetooth speaker every morning at 9 am. You have two options:

  • A. Knock on their door and politely ask them to lower the volume.
  • B. Build an AI device that can handle the situation more creatively.

Reggaeton Be Gone (the name is a homage to Tv-B-Gone device) will monitor room audio, it will identify Reggaeton genre with Machine Learning and trigger comm requests and packets to the Bluetooth speaker with the high goal of disabling it or at least disturbing the sound so much that the neighbor won’t have other option that turn it off.


Plans to make your own in the Source: Reggaeton Be Gone –

Robin Edgar

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