Snips – a private, offline voice assistant

Snips is the first Voice Platform where you can build an Voice Assistant that is Private by Design.

Source: Snips — Using Voice to Make Technology Disappear

Which means, unlike Alexa or Google Home, your voice data doesn’t get listened to by the cloud, doesn’t get saved by strangers targetting advertising at you and works when the Cloud ™ goes down.

The homepage

If you don’t want to put together all the bits and bobs (Raspberry Pi, mic, speaker, etc) you can get the Seeed Voice Interaction Development Kit for $115 and satellites (which relay commands to your base kit) for $85,-

The Snips makers page is the starting point to join and see projects

They have an app store with loads of intents pre programmed for you to install

This is a pretty good github page of awesome snips

An example including how to install from base on how to do a multiplication table game

Another example on how to integrate Sonos

The forum

And a telegram page

the Facebook page

It also integrates with home assistant

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