There’s a Massive Recall of Amazon Neighbourhood Spy Ring Doorbells –  might explode in flames

In a year where it seems everything is both literally and figuratively on fire, it’s not surprising that we can now add Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell to the list. Yes, it turns out that the device you purchased and installed for the purpose of making your home safer is itself a safety hazard. As a result, Amazon has issued a massive recall of its popular doorbell/spy camera. Here’s what to know.

What’s going on with Ring Doorbells?

Amazon is recalling approximately 350,000 Ring Video Doorbells (2nd Generation) sold through,, and at third-party electronics and home goods stores in the United States and Canada between June and October 2020. The company made this decision after receiving reports of 85 incidents tied to incorrectly installed doorbells—23 of which involve doorbells igniting and causing minor property damage, in addition to eight reports of minor burns.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the video doorbell’s battery can overheat if the wrong type of screws are used to install the device, posing fire and burn hazards. As a result, the CPSC advises that consumers immediately stop installing the recalled video doorbells.

Source: There’s a Massive Recall of Amazon Ring Doorbells

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