These Live Translation Earbuds Are $157

These Mymanu CLIK S are a pair of bluetooth earbuds that pair with an app on your phone to offer live translations of over 37 languages, including Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Finnish, Thai, Korean, and Japanese. The earbuds cost $157, and the app is included.

Obviously, these earbuds can be ideal for international travelers. They use an exclusive translation app called MyJuno, which is also where you can see the full list of translatable languages.

The CLIK S can translate for individual or group speakers, but only individual speakers get their translations played live in your earbud. You just select the relevant languages in the app, then hold the button on your earbud when you want to talk. A translation will be visible on your phone and will play audibly. When your conversation partner wants to talk, they just speak into your phone. For groups of speakers, the CLIK S will keep a written log of the conversation.

Fully charged, these earbuds can last for up to 10 hours, and the charging case can extend that to 30 hours. You can get the Mymanu CLIK S Translation Earbuds for $157, though prices can change at any time.

Source: These Live Translation Earbuds Are $157

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