Transparent sunlight-activated antifogging metamaterials

[…] Here, guided by nucleation thermodynamics, we design a transparent, sunlight-activated, photothermal coating to inhibit fogging. The metamaterial coating contains a nanoscopically thin percolating gold layer and is most absorptive in the near-infrared range, where half of the sunlight energy resides, thus maintaining visible transparency. The photoinduced heating effect enables sustained and superior fog prevention (4-fold improvement) and removal (3-fold improvement) compared with uncoated samples, and overall impressive performance, indoors and outdoors, even under cloudy conditions. The extreme thinness (~10 nm) of the coating—which can be produced by standard, readily scalable fabrication processes—enables integration beneath other coatings […]

Source: Transparent sunlight-activated antifogging metamaterials | Nature Nanotechnology

Robin Edgar

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