1994’s Star Wars: TIE Fighter Remade With Modern Graphics

If EA’s Squadrons wasn’t quite to the scale you were hoping for from your Star Wars flight game, never mind: you can always replay 1994 classic TIE Fighter, which now has vastly-improved visuals and some other modern tweaks instead.

What you’re looking at here is TIE Fighter: Total Conversion, which isn’t actually the original TIE Fighter. Instead, it’s a mod for its sequel, 1999’s X-Wing Alliance, porting the original game’s menus and missions into a more robust engine, then using more mods on top of that (the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project) to make everything look nicer.

Having been in development for years, the project was finally and fully released over the weekend, and is so much more than just “TIE Fighter with better lighting.” Because this had to be rebuilt in a whole other game, the developers decided to take the opportunity to mess with the original, and have designed a “reimagined” campaign that goes for 37 missions and adds “more ships, bigger battles [and] in some cases completely new missions.”

The soundtrack has also been remastered, proper widescreen resolutions are available, and there’s VR support as well. Though it’s important to note that both those reimagined missions and the soundtrack are optional improvements; you can still play the original campaign and listen to the old MIDI soundtrack if you want.

Source: 1994’s Star Wars: TIE Fighter Remade With Modern Graphics

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