FIFA 23 Accidentally Sells For Six Cents, EA Honors The Mistake

FIFA 23 is currently up for preorder around the world, and is supposed to be a full-price retail release, but in one particular market on one particular store, customers could get one hell of a bargain.

Last month, anyone browsing the Epic Games Store in India would have seen that while the standard edition of FIFA 23 cost ₹3,499 (USD$44), the Ultimate Edition—which should have been ₹4,799 (USD$60) was instead listed at ₹4.80.

The error was first discovered in late July
The error was first discovered in late July
Image: Twitter

That is not a sale price, that is an error, one where the store has clearly put the decimal point in the wrong spot. ₹4.80 works out to be six cents, and as word spread about the savings, users flocked to the store and bought the game. And not just Indian gamers, either; once news got out, fans were sharing across social media ways for players outside the region to set their accounts to the Indian Epic Games Store so they could get in on the error as well.

Now, this kind of thing isn’t exactly rare in the realms of online shopping, but often stores will cancel orders when the discrepancy is this great, so I don’t think too many people would have been expecting to have actually got hold of the more expensive version of FIFA 23 for six cents.

But they have! Via PC Gamer, EA Sports have this week issued a statement saying:

A few weeks back, we scored a pretty spectacular own-goal when we inadvertently offered FIFA 23 pre-purchase on the Epic Games Store at an incorrect price. It was our mistake, and we wanted to let you know that we’ll be honoring all pre-purchases made at that price.


Source: FIFA 23 Accidentally Sells For Six Cents, EA Honors The Mistake

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