From Dust PC is a disaster


For staters, gamers discovered that the PC version of title (avaiable on Steam and Gamersgate) actually requires players to stay connected to the internet at all times to play, despite being informed by Ubisoft in writing that From Dust’s DRM would only require players to be online at time of activation.  That didn’t prove to be case at all, because players on Steam found that as soon as they took their clients into “Offline” mode, From Dust cannot be launched.  Ubisoft originally amended its original statement with word that an official update regarding From Dust’s online DRM would be forthcoming.

And that’s before players even started playing the game.  Once players got over the hurdle of being mislead over the DRM scheme, they found a game that was not optimized in any way for PCs.  From Dust on PC currently suffers from choppy framerates, glitches, and no way for players to improve the graphical quality either in-game or through their preferred graphics driver control panels.  There isn’t even any anti-aliasing, and that’s just one of the more glaring examples.  Players were also disappointed that the system requirements listed on Steam were inaccurate compared to the official ones provided by Ubisoft.

Players were stung so bad by their From Dust experiences on PC that many have taken to requesting refunds on Steam and from Ubisoft.  The publisher is even suggests players to get in contact with its customer support in case they do decide to pursue refunds.

From Dust PC erupts with disastrous port – Neoseeker News Article

This is a real dissappointment, as I have been looking forward to a good new God game for some time now. Guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

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