Ubisoft Shut Down 91 Games Since 2021

Ubisoft has turned off online services for 91 games, including Far Cry 2, Splinter Cell, Just Dance, and more across multiple console and PC platforms. These shutdowns have since been gathered together in one list by Ubisoft.

This news comes from a blog Ubisoft posted on April 22 listing 91 different games that have had their online services and multiplayer features shut off since 2021. The plan to shut down online services for many of these Ubisoft games was first announced last year.

The company explained that all in-game news, updates, player statistics, and online multiplayer features would no longer work in any of these titles. Also, any of the 91 games that use Ubisoft’s Connect platform can no longer earn its ”Units” points to unlock in-game rewards. Weirdly, Ubisoft explained that PC players will lose access to previously unlocked content, but console players will be able to keep it so long as they keep their old game save.


Source: All The Ubisoft Games That Have Been Shut Down Since 2021

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