Ultimate Stunts – A free racing game

Ultimate Stunts: Not just another racing gameUltimate Stunts is a remake of the famous DOS-game stunts. Racing in Ultimate Stunts involves some really spectacular stunts, like loopings, corkscrews, bridges to jump over, etc., but the best thing is that you can design your own tracks!

The game Ultimate Stunts is not yet finished, but it already has some important improvements compared to the original game. Stunts was an old DOS game with simple CGA/EGA/VGA graphics, but Ultimate Stunts is a modern multiplatform application it works on windows, Linux and several UNIX systems with OpenGL graphics. It also has some new features, like 3D sound and internet multiplaying. And, while Stunts can nowadays be downloaded for free as abandonware e.g. on the XTC site, Ultimate Stunts is completely free software!

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