Apple sues Epic for destroying the App store and won’t let their users log in using Apple log in (whatever that is)

So, Apple is trying to frame it’s strong arming of companies into paying 30% protection money… uh… app store fees – well… unless you have an agreement to pay less, but only one or two have that… as being in the interest of the people who’s arms they are ripping out. Because we believe the scary man in the suit who has been ripping off customers and consumers left and right over the man who is saying he’s had enough.

Apple has filed a countersuit against Epic Games as the two companies continue their battle over App Store royalties.

The Cupertino giant is seeking a declaratory judgement [PDF] for breach of contract as it claims Epic has broken their agreement to distribute software and in-app purchases though the App Store. The filing is part formal response to the original Epic suit and part Apple making legal allegations of its own.

“Although Epic portrays itself as a modern corporate Robin Hood, in reality it is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that simply wants to pay nothing for the tremendous value it derives from the App Store,” Apple claims.

“Epic’s demands for special treatment and cries of ‘retaliation’ cannot be reconciled with its flagrant breach of contract and its own business practices, as it rakes in billions by taking commissions on game developers’ sales and charging consumers up to $99.99 for bundles of V-Bucks.”

Source: Apple to Epic: Sue me? No, sue you, pal! • The Register

“Epic’s actions have caused Apple to suffer reputational harm and loss of goodwill with consumers who rely on Apple to offer the apps they want to download, like Fortnite, with all of the safety, security, and privacy protections that they expect from Apple,” Apple said in its filing. “Left unchecked, Epic’s conduct threatens the very existence of the iOS ecosystem and its tremendous value to consumers.”

Apple claimed that Epic purposefully sent a “Trojan horse” to the App Store, hiding a line of code in a Fortnite hotfix that allowed the gaming company to “bypass Apple’s app review process” so it could trigger the option for users to pay Epic directly for V-Bucks, the game’s currency. Epic has denied that it hid anything from Apple.

Apple said this hotfix amounted to “little more than theft,” claiming that Epic purposefully tried to find a way to “enjoy all of the benefits of Apple’s iOS platform and related services” without paying Apple what it was contractually owed.

Source: Apple Says ‘Epic’s Conduct Threatens the Very Existence of the iOS Ecosystem’ in Countersuit

As of September 11th, Apple will no longer allow users to sign into Epic Games accounts using “Sign in with Apple.” If you’re using the Apple sign-in feature, make sure to update your Epic Games account email and password before Friday.

This change is the latest petty move in the Apple versus Epic battle.

Source: Apple will stop letting Epic Games use ‘Sign in with Apple’ on September 11th

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