Bag maker Peak Design calls out Amazon for its copycat ways

Amazon is well-known for its copycat ways, but it’s not so often that another company calls it out on it, much less in a way that’s funny. But that’s exactly what Peak Design did today when it uploaded a video to YouTube comparing its Everyday Sling to a camera bag from AmazonBasics that shares the exact same name.

“It looks suspiciously like the Peak Design Everyday Sling, but you don’t pay for all those needless bells and whistles,” the video’s narrator declares. Those extras include things like a lifetime warranty, BlueSign approved recycled materials, as well as the time and effort the company’s design team put into creating the bag.

In its most on-the-nose jab at Amazon, the video includes a “dramatization” of how the AmazonBasics design team created their take on the bag. “Keep combing that data,” a googly-eyed executive tells his subordinate, who’s played here by Peak Design founder and CEO Peter Dering. “Let’s Basic that bad boy,” they say after finding the Everyday Sling.

Source: Bag maker Peak Design calls out Amazon for its copycat ways | Engadget

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