Google (G00G) Urges EU Judges to Slash ‘Staggering’ $5 Billion Fine

Google called on European Union judges to cut or cancel a “staggering” 4.3 billion euro ($5 billion) antitrust fine because the search giant never intended to harm rivals.

The company “could not have known its conduct was an abuse” when it struck contracts with Android mobile phone makers that required them to take its search and web-browser apps, Google lawyer Genevra Forwood told the EU’s General Court in Luxembourg.


The European Commission’s lawyer, Anthony Dawes, scoffed at Google’s plea, saying the fine was a mere 4.5% of the company’s revenue in 2017, well below a 10% cap.


Source: Google (G00G) Urges EU Judges to Slash ‘Staggering’ $5 Billion Fine – Bloomberg

Because Google had never ever heard of Microsoft and the antitrust lawsuits around Internet Explorer? Come on!

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