High Court disallows Dutch Filmworks forcing ISPs to give out personal details of potential movie downloaders

As expected, the Supreme Court rejected the appeal in cassation by Dutch FilmWorks. The highest judicial body follows the motivation of the Prosecutor General, who previously issued advice on this. DFW announced in 2015 that it would take enforcement action against people who illegally download films. The matter was widely publicized. DFW wanted to address individual users and possibly even fine them. It engaged an outside company to collect the IP addresses. The distributor also received permission for this data collection. However, in order to address these users, DFW had to have their name and address details, which are only known to internet providers. Ziggo refused to provide that information. Dutch Filmworks was rejected by the court and the Supreme Court also sees no reason to annul the earlier judgment.

Source: Zaak Dutch Filmworks strandt bij Hoge Raad – Emerce

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