Universal Music sues AI start-up Anthropic for scraping song lyrics – will they come after you for having read the lyrics or memorised the song next?

Universal Music has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against artificial intelligence start-up Anthropic, as the world’s largest music group battles against chatbots that churn out its artists’ lyrics.

Universal and two other music companies allege that Anthropic scrapes their songs without permission and uses them to generate “identical or nearly identical copies of those lyrics” via Claude, its rival to ChatGPT.

When Claude is asked for lyrics to the song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, for example, it responds with “a nearly word-for-word copy of those lyrics,” Universal, Concord, and ABKCO said in a filing with a US court in Nashville, Tennessee.

“This copyrighted material is not free for the taking simply because it can be found on the Internet,” the music companies said, while claiming that Anthropic had “never even attempted” to license their copyrighted work.


Universal earlier this year asked Spotify and other streaming services to cut off access to its music catalogue for developers using it to train AI technology.

Source: Universal Music sues AI start-up Anthropic for scraping song lyrics | Ars Technica

So don’t think about memorising or even listening to copyrighted material from them because apparently they will come after you with the mighty and crazy arm of the law!

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