Countrywide filters are great sliding scales – see Australia

Yup, if you implement a population controlling measure ‘to save the children’ then the useage of the measure goes far beyond the original remit. The internet is meant to be free and people in democracies – being deemed intelligent enough to vote – should be allowed to choose what sites they watch. It’s none of government’s business what we visit.

First off, according to a report this week in The Australian, the amount of online content referred to the Australian Classification Board for a ruling by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) more than tripled – up from 77 referrals in 2008-9 to 258 in 2009-10. This year, more than five times as many URLs were banned as last year – the figures went from 14 last year to 78 in this.

via The great Aussie firewall is back – and this time it’s personal • The Register.

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