EU axes geo-blocking: Upsets studios, delights consumers

The European Parliament has approved a draft law that geo-blocking, the act of offering an online content service in one European Union (EU) country and that country alone, will be scrapped in the first half of next year.

Coupled with the recent law to end mobile roaming charges in the EU as of next month, the OTT industry as a whole stands to flourish in Europe over the next few years. However, the losers here will be the content creators, which argue that the removal of geo-blocking will weaken the financial value of content, as well as the pay TV operators, as the ruling will trigger a small spate of cord cutting for consumers with two or more properties in multiple EU countries. But the move is also a hammer blow to content pirates.

Source: EU axes geo-blocking: Upsets studios, delights consumers • The Register

There is a lot more worthwhile on the pros and cons – overall I am happy to see the digital single market catch up to the physical single market.

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