EU Digital Markets App (DMA) approved for new rules for fair competition online

[…] New rules for gatekeepers

The DMA defines new rules for large online platforms (“gatekeepers”). They now have to:

  • ensure that unsubscribing from core platform services is just as easy as subscribing
  • ensure that the basic functionalities of instant messaging services are interoperable, i.e. enable users to exchange messages, send voice messages or files across messaging apps
  • give business users access to their marketing or advertising performance data on the platform
  • inform the European Commission of their acquisitions and mergers

But they can no longer:

  • rank their own products or services higher than those of others (self-preferencing)
  • pre-install certain apps or software, or prevent users from easily un-installing these apps or software
  • require the most important software (e.g. web browsers) to be installed by default when installing an operating system
  • prevent developers from using third-party payment platforms for app sales
  • reuse private data collected during a service for the purposes of another service

If a large online platform is identified as a gatekeeper, it will have to comply with the rules of the DMA within six months.

If a gatekeeper violates the rules laid down in the DMA, it risks a fine of up to 10% of its total worldwide turnover. For a repeat offence, a fine of up to 20% of its worldwide turnover may be imposed.

If a gatekeeper systematically fails to comply with the DMA, i.e. it violates the rules at least three times in eight years, the European Commission can open a market investigation and, if necessary, impose behavioural or structural remedies.


Source: DMA: Council gives final approval to new rules for fair competition online – Consilium

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