Facebook has to stop fake ads of celebrity endorsement of Cryptocurrencies in NL

John de Mol has successfully sued FB and forced them to remove fake ads in which it seems he endorses bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies (he doesn’t).  They will not be allowed in the future either and FB  must give him the details of the parties who placed the adverts on FB. FB is liable for fines up to EUR 1.1 million if they don’t comply.

Between Oktober 2018 and at least March 2019 a series of fake ads were placed on FB and Instagram that had him endorsing the crypto. He didn’t endorse them at all and not only that, they were a scam: the buyers never received any crypto after purchasing from the sites. The scammers received at least EUR 1.7 million.

The court did not accept FB’s argument that they are a neutral party just passing on information. The court argues that FB has a responsibility to guard against breaches of third party rights. After John de Mol had contacted FB and the ads decreased drastically in frequency shows the court that it is well within FB’s technical possibilities to guard against these breaches.

Source: Facebook moet nepadvertenties John de Mol weren – Emerce

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